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Running With Your Dog
Tips & Concerns

Running with Your Dog-Tips & Concerns

Dogs are great running companions…right? According to Runner’s World, they might be. Here’s their first insight when it comes to running with your dog: “Check your dog is a suitable candidate.”

Breed, age, weight, health, etc. all need to be considered before leashing up your dog and going for a run. While all dogs are probable candidates for walking, running impacts their bodies much like our own (hard on joints, muscles, lungs, heart, etc.). Small breeds have shorter legs and keeping up with human runners can be impossible. Most dogs are better sprinters than long-distance runners, so wind sprints might be your best option.

Here are some running tips:

  1. Ensure your dog is suitable for running (breed, size, health, etc.)
  2. Complete obedience and leash training (important for safety)
  3. Warm up before running (best for you and your dog)
  4. Pace your progress (let them develop as a runner)
  5. Keep it fun for both (pushing too hard can cause injuries)